Issue #22 — Woz

Friday 15 November 2013

Hey there

Both of us have been very busy this week: Ben has been preparing for Manchester Raspberry Jam XVI (which will be his last); and Ryan has just released his first Raspberry Pi Product!

Tomorrow’s event will see Madlab Jam packed (sorry) with 80 attendees – with a further 20 on the waitlist hoping someone drops out! Ben will finally get to meet Eben (moustache and all) – who will be travelling up North with Liz and Clive, and many more special guests will be in attendance – including Dave Akerman, Andrew Robinson, Pete Lomas and Paul Beech. What a way to spend your birthday!

Also, somewhat significantly, Ben and Ryan will meet for the first time! (almost 6 months in to working on Pi Weekly together)

This week we saw Steve Wozniak on BBC Click talking about the Raspberry Pi – and he had great things to say about it!

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Ben & Ryan

Picture of the week


“From a very young age on. You don’t need the high-level math of calculus or the stuff you get at university level. Any young child, even ten years old, can understand enough to learn to program, and the Raspberry Pi – you can hook wires to little motors, you can build devices that do things. What an incredible learning experience.”

~ Steve Wozniak, BBC Click



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