Issue #39 — Slash

Friday 14 March 2014

Happy Pi Day, everyone! Today’s issue brought to you at 3.14pm

This week, Pi Towers was alerted of a new born baby – Lorna (Raspberry Pi Facebook, Google+ and trademarks) gave birth to Ronan Peter.

Here’s a video of Simon Singh talking about uses of Pi (mathematical, not Raspberry) in the Simpsons.

Have a slice of Pi.

Only 3 months and 14 days to Tau Day!

Ben & Ryan

Picture of the week


Dave Honess from Raspberry Pi with Young Pioneers at the Big Bang Fair



  • Oreo Cookie Printer (
    3D printed filled Oreos at SXSW guided by what's trending on Twitter
  • Happy Tappers (
    Hacking Christmas ornaments to dance to the beat using FFT
  • Sound Wall (
    Soundwall is an UPnP streamer that works as a speaker while being art

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