Issue #40 — Academy

Friday 21 March 2014

Hi all

This week the Foundation Education team announced a free professional development workshop for primary and secondary teachers, to be led by Carrie Anne and run at Pi Towers in Cambridge.

James Hughes – a Broadcom engineer who works on the camera software in his spare time – this week released code to allow video to be captured at 90 frames per second – and people sent in videos they’d made in these modes, which are quite incredible!

Linux Voice Issue 2 is out now – it features kernel module development, building a Raspberry Pi arcade, a section on Grace Hopper and an interview with 3/4 of the Foundation’s education team: Ben, Clive and Carrie Anne, conducted at the Jamboree.

Ryan’s budget robot kit fundraiser hit its £1000 target in under 24 hours – and now sits at over double that. Meanwhile, kickstarter success guru Alex Eames has announced he’s bringing out three new add-on boards through RasP.iO, who we welcome as sponsors this week.

Ben & Ryan

Picture of the week


Raspberry Pi’s Creative Producer Rachel Rayns speaking at Makerland conference in Warsaw, Poland



  • Roberts Radio (
    An old Roberts Radio brought in to the present with a Raspberry Pi
  • Raspberry Piggy Bank (
    Coin sorting and counting with Raspberry Pi and Arduino
  • DoodleBorg (
    A three horsepower Raspberry Pi tank-like machine using six PiBorg motor boards
  • Pi Trak (
    Raspberry Pi controlled Big trak with a MicRoCon motor control board
  • GitPi (
    How to set up a private git server on the Raspberry Pi
  • Raspberry Pi Retro Restyle (
    Part two of Tony's retro project - Recreating the Sinclair ZX81 with a Pi

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