Issue #33 — Panflute

Friday 31 January 2014

When last week’s issue went out, Ben was showing the What is a Raspberry Pi? animation at BETT 2014 in London, which was well received both there and on the web. Again congratulations and thanks to our friends at Saladhouse. Meanwhile, Eben explained Dogecoin (wow) to Rory Cellan-Jones on a BBC Tech podcast.

Today Ryan is at Pi Towers again working on robots with Ben, while Matt (aka The Raspberry Pi Guy) is also visiting and will be undertaking the famous Gordon Hollingworth soldering challenge.

This evening Ben will travel to Brussels for the weekend to attend FOSDEM, an event for free & open source software developers – where he’ll finally get to meet some of the Linux Voice team who area also attending. We continue to thank Linux Voice as they will be sponsoring Pi Weekly for another month. Remember the magazine launches towards the end of February and you can buy subscriptions from

Just a week to go till the Cambridge Raspberry Jam (sold out), which Ryan and Ben are both attending. And just four weeks away is the Jamboree in Manchester! Be sure to grab your ticket soon.

See you next week

Ben & Ryan

Picture of the week


Panflute Pi hack complete with competitive gameplay. You can’t make this stuff up.



  • Panflute Hero (
    Like Guitar Hero, but for all the panflute rockstars of the Pi community
  • Water Detection (
    Broken Pipes? Pi to the rescue
  • Time-lapse Touchscreen Controller (
    The latest iteration of Dave Hunt's incredible time-lapse photography project
  • Capacitive Touch Potatoes (
    Using everyday objects as switch inputs with the Raspberry Pi
  • GPS Helmet Cam (
    Snowboarding helmet camera with GPS to draw the route taken alongside video
  • Safety Attention Monitor (
    Proof of concept attention monitor with an triggering alarm

Articles & more

  • Top Ten Raspberry Pi Android Apps (
    Alex shares his favourite Android apps for use with Raspberry Pi
  • Exeter Raspberry Jam (
    Short post summing up January's Exeter Jam with pictures of the day's hacks
  • Ooh, BETTy (
    Clive's round-up of the Foundation education team's efforts at BETT
  • Python Idioms (
    Great set of notes on writing Pythonic code, based on PEP guides - by Safe Hammad

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