Issue #32 — Danger

Friday 24 January 2014

Welcome to Issue 25 of Pi Weekly.

Last Friday Ryan was at Pi Towers on work experience where he did lots of soldering. Today Ben is at BETT 2014 with the Foundation education team.

Opening BETT, Education Secretary Michael Gove announced a new curriculum for September 2014 which sees computing replace ICT.

This morning, the Foundation released a short animation called What is a Raspberry Pi? made by SaladHouse Animation in Manchester. Ben used to share an office with these guys, and they put their heads together to produce the piece. Ben wrote the script and got Amy Mather in to do the voiceover. We’re really pleased with it!

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Ben & Ryan

Picture of the week


How an engineer thinks he’s supposed to dress vs. How an engineer actually dresses

Ryan on work experience at Pi Towers, alongside experienced engineer Gordon Hollingworth



  • Pi-Boy (
    Anton MacArthur combines a Raspberry Pi with a GameBoy console
  • Line Following Robot (
    Using OpenCV to follow a black line painted on the floor
  • Limelight Steam Machine (
    Make a Steam machine with Raspberry Pi
  • Triviabox (
    Pi-powered GUI quiz show for your TV screen, complete with buzzers
  • Chocolate Joy Jacket (
    Pi-powered and Arduino-assisted chocolate wearables

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