Issue #24 — Fashion

Friday 29 November 2013

Hi everyone

This has been a busy week for Ben as he prepares to move to Cambridge tomorrow – while Ryan’s Motor Board Kit fundraiser finished yesterday with 138 kits sold.

Ben also helped out at a Raspberry Pi workshop at Madlab – run for Manchester Girl Geeks, by Mathew from Kano. The Kano kickstarter had already smashed its funding target by that point – and it gave them a chance to show what the kit can be used for.

We’ve seen lots of discussion of Mathematica on the Pi – including a brilliant set of benchmark tests from Ben’s friend Mike Croucher.

Remember to check out Eben’s Movember progress – and it’s your last few days to donate.

Ben & Ryan

Picture of the week


The test rig of fifteen cameras firing simultaneously for the Magic Mirror photobooth at the Fashion Week with The Body Shop



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