Issue #25 — Cambridge

Friday 6 December 2013

This week Ben finished his move to Cambridge and has now started at Pi Towers where he’s settling in nicely. Ryan is currently ordering all of the components to start producing his Motor Driver Board.

Both Ben and Ryan will be in attendance at the Cambridge Raspberry Jam tomorrow, where Ryan will be presenting and demonstrating his Motor Board. There are a limited number of remaining tickets due to a large party dropping out – and those of you further afield will be able to watch the presentations online by registering for a free ticket on Eventbrite for the live stream.

The Linux Voice campaign gained a lot of traction this week when Eben pledged his utmost support for the project. This was also backed by a post from Liz with a compelling comment from Alex Bradbury on what makes it such an important project.

Carrie Anne’s book is due to be released today – which we’re really excited about. Ben managed to get hold of a copy at Pi HQ and was vastly impressed with it.

Congratulations also to arkOS which reached its funding goal this week.

Live long and prosper.

Ben & Ryan

Picture of the week


Ben hard at work at Raspberry Pi, with his bicycle helmet at rest on the office turret


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