Issue #30 — Dalek

Friday 10 January 2014

Hi everyone

This week, Carrie Anne and Dave Honess started working at the Foundation, joining Clive and Ben on the education team.

In other news, Intel announced an SD card sized computer called the Intel Edison, which everyone’s been comparing to the Raspberry Pi, for some reason, and hoping it will be in the same price range. As great an innovation this is, we doubt very much it will be in the affordable realm.

Meanwhile, Raspberry Pi resellers – Kano – said in a PR stunt that they believe Raspberry Pis are gathering dust and schools don’t know what to do with them. This was followed up by Eben pointing out that the reality is somewhat contrary to this. Many Pi fans have made light of this analogy by pointing out interesting ways their Raspberry Pis are actually gathering dust (VPN server, vacuum cleaner), and others saying dust is not a problem!

There are plenty of Raspberry Jams and other Pi events going on in the next few weeks – and if you know of any others, please tell us about them.

Oh – and last week’s issue of Pi Weekly was translated in to French by Manuel Esteban. This will continue each week, which is great for our outreach further afield.

Ben & Ryan

Picture of the week


A Case for the Raspberry Pi made from a toy Dalek



  • Briefcase Arcade (
    Travis Reynolds's portable Pi-powered arcade machine inside a briefcase
  • Pimoroni Piglow & BBC Basic (
    Leo White's code for controlling a Piglow with RiscOS & BBC Basic
  • Building A Living Photo Frame (
    Samuel Clay built a digital photo frame with Motion Sensing using the Raspberry Pi
  • BADGEr ePaper Weather Station (
    Jeremy Blum has an e-paper display showing the weather in 2 locations
  • PiPad (
    Michael Castor's rather pretty Raspberry Pi tablet

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