Issue #43 — Compute

Friday 11 April 2014

Hi all

This week, the Foundation announced a new forthcoming product: the Raspberry Pi┬ácompute module, aimed at industrial users. This is a Raspberry Pi module the size and form of a stick of RAM which slots in to an IO board (or you can build your own). This will allow people to use the Raspberry Pi’s SoC at the heart of an affordable dev board or use an array of the modules in a supercomputer.

Yesterday, the Foundation put out a second animation from the team at Saladhouse: Setting up your Raspberry Pi – voiced by Johnny Ball! It’s an excellent video where Johnny points out all the vital components of the Pi, and how to get connected. This now lives on the Quick Start page in the Help section of the new website.

Amy Mather has spent all week doing work experience at Raspberry Pi, where she built projects and games, wrote documentation and learning resources and worked with the team.

Next week the Picademy (free CPD for teachers run by Carrie Anne and the Education team) takes place at Pi Towers. This one is a pilot for educators already involved in the Pi community, and more events are planned to reach a wider audience.

Ben & Ryan

Picture of the week


Scott (left) and Sam (right) from Saladhouse with Johnny Ball on the day of recording for the animation



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