Issue #44 — Maynard

Friday 18 April 2014

Hi all This week the Foundation Education team ran their first Picademy – Pi-style teacher training led by Carrie Anne with workshops and talks by Clive, Ben, Dave, Eben, Craig Richardson and Matthew Manning. We hope you enjoy the long weekend! Ben & Ryan

Picture of the week


The new look of the Raspberry Pi desktop – the preview of an upcoming desktop and window manager powered by Weyland/Weston


  • New Maynard Desktop (
    A preview of a new upcoming desktop in beta for the Raspberry Pi
  • MagPi Issue 22 (
    Solar tracking, quad copters, Laika Explorer, SQL, Lego and power function motors
  • Croosle (
    Slovenia's all in one educational and experimental Raspberry Pi kit


  • Neo Geo Arcade (
    A Neo Geo arcade has been remade using a RPi as its brains
  • Raspberry Pi VPN Tutorial (
    A two-part piece on how and why to set up a Pi as a Virtual Private Network
  • Books (
    Digitising books with OCR & lego and making audio books with espeak
  • Mudra: A Braille Dicta-teacher (
    Mudra teaches Braille by translating speech to Braille symbols
  • Amateur Pi Telescope (
    A low cost astrophotography device implementation, simple to build and uncomplicated
  • Neo Geo Arcade (
    A Pi Powered Arcade Emulator Cabinet

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