Issue #75 — Wales

Friday 21 November 2014

Hi all

This week’s issue comes to you from Pencoed, Wales, where the Raspberry Pi Education team has been delivering its free teacher training course Picademy to Welsh teachers at the Sony factory where Pis are manufactured.


Picture of the week


Varieties of the Raspberry Pi rounded up by Alex Eames


  • MagPi Issue 28 (
    OpenCV, the Arduberry board, BitScope, VoIP, git, Fuze and more
  • BerryIMU (
    Kickstarter for an orientation sensor for the Raspberry Pi
  • PiPiano (
    Musical hardware add-on board from young hacker Zach Igielman
  • Compute Module Tablet (
    Kickstarter for a Pi-based tablet
  • New 5" Touch Display from Adafruit (
    New HDMI 5" 800×480 Display Backpack for Pi with touchscreen


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