Issue #83 — Sticker

Friday 16 January 2015

This week the Foundation’s education team has been busy preparing for BETT 2015 – the big education show in London. They’re running a stand all week with CPC – and you can go along and see them as it’s open to the public!

The Foundation also announced their official 3rd birthday party will take place at the Cambridge University Computer Lab (where it all started!) over the weekend of 28th February and 1st March – tickets are available now at just £2.50 per session (Saturday, Saturday evening and Sunday) and free for kids.

This issue welcomes Pi Plates as our sponsor.

See you next week!


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Giant Raspberry Pi sticker with a Liz Upton adjacent for size



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Pi-Plates are a family of stackable, add-on circuit boards that allow you to interact with the outside world using your Raspberry Pi. Every Pi-Plate is designed to provide a robust set of features at minimal cost while using the fewest pins possible on the RPI header.

The ppDAQC board only requires two dedicated pins yet eight of these Pi-Plates can be stacked to provide 64 analog inputs, 64 digital inputs, 56 open collector outputs, and 16 analog outputs. Pi-Plates are designed for use by hobbyists, experimenters, and professionals.

In addition, they are mechanically and electrically compatible will all four revisions of the Raspberry Pi including version A, version B, B+, and the new A+.

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