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Friday 23 January 2015

Hi all

Running a bit late this week as I’ve been away at BETT in London where the Raspberry Pi Education Team (in lab coats!) have been promoting their free resources, Picademy, the Astro Pi competition and more, along with a number of volunteers from the community.

Remember back in July when we featured a link from our mystery sponsor Flotilla? Well the project launched on Kickstarter this week – it’s a fantastic plug-and-play component kit from Pimoroni! Unsurprisingly, they hit their £32k target on day one, and soared to past double that amount in the first week.

This week the Astro Pi competition launched – check out the details of involvement for Primary and Secondary schools on the Astro Pi website!


Picture of the week


The Raspberry Pi Foundation and friends out in force (and in lab coats) at BETT 2015


  • Flotilla (
    Hassle-free digital tinkering for everyone with Flotilla for Raspberry Pi
  • Astro Pi Competition Launched (
    The first phase of the "your code in space" competition is now open!
  • Resources Restyled (
    A new look and feel for the presentation of Raspberry Pi's learning resources
  • Neopixel Controller Board (
    A quick, easy way to start controlling neopixels on a Raspberry Pi


  • Mobile GPS Streamer (
    Make your Pi truly mobile and access GPS data
  • Pi Glove (
    Advancements in Pi Glove tech from Dan Aldred
  • BETT Bot (
    Web interface for Raspberry Pi camera with Twitter feature
  • Thirty Five Pixels (
    Pi-powered interactive display at UCLA
  • Balloon Pi Tay Popper (
    New learning resource for Fran Scott's balloon popping demo

Articles & more

  • VNC Tutorial from 10-year-old Philip (
    Video on setting up remote access to your Pi from Philip, age 10
  • Flotilla (
    Paul Beech's introduction to Flotilla for the Raspberry Pi blog
  • Electric Eel (
    Tennessee Aquarium's electric eel's activity monitored and tweeted by a Pi
  • Fran Scott at BETT (
    BBC presenter Fran Scott blowing things up with Raspberry Pis at BETT
  • Where are they now? (
    What Raspberry Pi have done since winning the INDEX award in 2013
  • Discover Mathematica on Raspberry Pi (
    Author Sean McManus explores Mathematica - free on Raspberry Pi

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