Issue #27 — Postal

Friday 20 December 2013

This week Ryan has been getting his new motor controller boards ready to be shipped out, while Ben has been planning and plotting at Pi Towers as well as working on the new Manchester CoderDojo website. Ben also attended Manchester’s chapter of the Global Day of Code Retreat at the BBC in Media City, where he practised the craft of code, and took Amy Mather along too.

Just for fun – check out this collection of cool things (we love collections of cool things) Liz tweeted recently – The Most Amazing Science Images of 2013.

Ryan wishes you all a merry Christmas! Ben refuses to accept how close Christmas is, but realises this is the last issue before the 25th, so he’d better say something – Bah, humbug!

Have a great Christmas! We’ll be back (in brief) next week.

Ben and Ryan

Picture of the week


The first wave of replacements at the Portuguese sorting office – a bank of 24 antiquated machines refitted with Raspberry Pis and TFT flat panels



  • Raspberry Pi Enabled Christmas Lights (
    Flashing lights, Christmas-themed bulb and some internet connectivity thrown in
  • Raspberry Pi Google Calendar (
    Google Calendar, an old monitor and a Raspberry Pi to make a wall mounted calendar
  • Karaoke Pi Fun (
    Build your own karaoke machine
  • Sleepi (
    Build a "go back to sleep" indicator for your kids waking up too early on Christmas day
  • Jack the (DVD) Ripper (
    Automate the process of ripping your DVD collection with a Pi-powered automaton

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