Issue #15 — Minecraft

Friday 27 September 2013

Hi everyone

Ben has now returned from his holiday in Berlin and is now enjoying the last few days before he goes back to work. Check out his extensive blog post about the trip. Somehow he managed to accidentally leave a Raspberry Pi (complete with PI Lite and SD card) in with his washing when he got back. It’s currently drying out in a container of rice – he’ll try booting it to see if it still works!

Ryan announced his new project RPiDNS this week along with also working with Martin O’Hanlon and David Whale to import little Raspberry Pi markers into a Minecraft world from Rastrack.

Ben & Ryan

Picture of the week


Image from Dave Akerman‘s LOHAN flight, taken by a Raspberry Pi camera through a wide-angle lens



  • Twitter LCD Python Project (
    A two-part post from Charlotte Godley using Adafruit's LCD display to show tweets
  • PiGlow Web Remote Control (
    A project by Phil Howard allowing you to control your PiGlow from the browser
  • WebGlow (
    Ryan's latest project uses the PiGlow to visualise connections to a web server
  • PiCyborg (
    The PiBorg's Raspberry Pi powered Cyborg using their Pico Borg add-on
  • Raspberry Pi Astro Blaster (
    Daniel Bull explains how he restored an old arcade machine controller with a Pi

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