Issue #6 — Lumberjack

Friday 26 July 2013

Hey everyone

An interesting point came up this week when someone asked Liz (by tweeting a question to the @Raspberry_Pi account) what age is appropriate for a child to start using a Raspberry Pi. Her answer was that “if they can use a mouse and have the manual dexterity to type without getting frustrated, they’re old enough” which I thought was a good way of putting it.

At the Manchester Raspberry Jam there are regularly children from about 6 who are productively using the Pi – sandboxing in Scratch and Minecraft, some even playing with Python and using the GPIO with some guidance. There’s some cool ways of using Scratch to interact with the real world – Simon Walters has a Python project for handling the GPIO from Scratch, and has run some great sessions for kids building Scratch programs to control Raspberry Pi powered robots.

This week we spotted a fantastic tweet from Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia. He simply tweeted This is super cool. “I started to learn python…” with a link to the video of Amy Mather‘s talk at the Raspberry Jamboree. He must have discovered the video and been inspired by her enthusiasm. If you haven’t seen the video yet, we urge you to do so. It’s fantastic.

Have a great week!

Ben & Ryan

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