Issue #46 — Heston

Friday 2 May 2014


This week we’re celebrating 50 years of BASIC. Eben’s written a port of the popular number tile game 2048 in a BBC Basic emulator, which he shared in yesterday’s blog post. Also, RISCOS now has a “boot-to-BASIC” mode!

Linux Voice #3 is out now – featuring a review of Alex Bradbury and (Linux Voice editor) Ben Everard’s book Learning Python with the Raspberry Pi.

Ryan’s budget robot kit campaign ended this week – raising a great £3,770. Robot kits will be available to buy soon.

Dave Akerman sent a potato in to (near) space for the Great British Food TV series with Heston Blumenthal which aired last night.

Today Pete Lomas is speaking about the industrial application of the Raspberry Pi at the University of Manchester event UMSSCC 2014.

There’s also 50% off all Raspberry Pi ebooks from O’Reilly (DRM free) – including the wonderful Adventures in Raspberry Pi by Carrie Anne Philbin.

Enjoy the long weekend!

Ben & Ryan

Picture of the week


Dave Akerman and Heston Blumenthal’s potato 28km up from Earth



  • Magic Mirror (
    Underlaying text with one-way mirror glass mounted over a flat display device
  • Sous-Vide Cooking With The Wolfram Language (
    Achieving perfect, evenly cooked meat with Raspberry Pi and Wolfram
  • Living With Lag (
    An experiment in living with lag, made with Oculus Rift and Raspberry Pi
  • See Like a Bee (
    Using the Pi NoIR camera's UV functionality to see like a bee
  • Skip Adverts Using Raspberry Pi (
    Python code to skip TV adverts and alert you when the show's about to continue

Articles & more

  • Morse Code Translator (
    13 year old Kyle Seaman built a Morse Code machine with a Pi and Python
  • A Slice of Raspberry Pi (
    Recap on PA Consulting Pi competition from participants at Richard Lander School

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