Issue #47 — Dinosaur

Friday 9 May 2014

Hi all

We hope you enjoyed the bank holiday weekend.

Yesterday the Foundation announced two upcoming dates for Picademy – free CPD for teachers. These will be two-day events in June and July – applications now open to teachers in the UK. With this announcement came a video of the first Picademy.

There’s been an update to Arch Linux – available from the Raspberry Pi downloads page. This update bumps NOOBS to v1.3.7. XBMC core is now at v13.0 (Gotham) but the update has yet to make it to the Pi distribution images.

Also this week, friend of Pi Dr. Tom Crick from Cardiff Metropolitan University was interviewed for the Wales Report on BBC about the Raspberry Pi and the Welsh Computing Curriculum.

Tomorrow is the CamJam – Ryan will be along but Ben cannot make it as he’s away for the weekend. Hope everyone has fun! More Jam listings below – remember to tweet us or email us with your Jam dates.

Ben & Ryan

Picture of the week


Dan Aldred’s PiFace powered roaring dinosaur from Marks and Spencer’s



  • Boris, the Twitter Dino Bot (
    A toy dinosaur that roars when you tweet it! Powered by PiFace
  • Apple II Raspberry Pi Case (
    Outfit your Raspberry Pi to match the original hacker’s computer, the Apple II
  • C-3PO Talker Project (
    Bizarre but interesting project to make a C-3PO bust chat back
  • Electric Spinning Wheel (
    Raspberry Pi powered spinning wheel for hand-made yarn
  • PortaBerry Pi (
    Building a brilliant handheld emulator device with a Pi and embedded TFT

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