Issue #86 — Two

Friday 6 February 2015

Hi everyone

This week the Foundation announced its next generation computer: the Raspberry Pi 2.

The new model packs a quad core 900MHz processor and 1GB RAM while maintaining complete backwards compatibility with previous models. It also runs Snappy Ubuntu Core (a server image) and will run an IoT (Internet of Things) platform version of Windows 10 expected later in the year.

Sony have been busy manufacturing 20,000 Pis per day to keep up with expected (and actual) demand.

Last weekend I visited Brussels to attend FOSDEM and I’m now in Estonia with Rachel for Hardware & Arts at Garage48 and other events with the British Embassy.

This issue has a Raspberry Pi 2 theme…


Picture of the week


The Raspberry Pi 2 is roughly six times faster than the previous generation model yet it takes the same form factor and price as the B+ and maintains full backwards compatibility allowing for all the funded open source efforts and community support to not go to waste!



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