Issue #11 — Stratos

Friday 30 August 2013

This week it seems that the internet has been invaded by one bear, Bionic Babbage. We would like to congratulate Dave Ackerman for the success of his breaking the world record for highest armateur live photo. If you didn’t already know, Dave is a Raspberry Pi enthusiast whose hobby it is to send Pis up on helium balloons to take pictures of the Earth. This time Babbage Bear (the Raspberry Pi mascot) manned the mission and took pictures along the way, before reconstructing Felix Baumgartner’s record breaking freefall. All this on a budget of £300 (compared to Red Bull’s £30,000,000).

Last night we heard the news that Raspberry Pi had won the INDEX Award for Education – which means a €100,000 prize for the Foundation to employ two people to join the team! I’m sure there’ll be more information on that to follow in time. The justification for them winning was stated in plenty of detail in an article from INDEX. See the link below – some of the quotes highlighted in the article are particularly prevalent. Congratulations to the Foundation for their achievement!

Yesterday Ben gave a short presentation about Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Jams at an event at Madlab – he’s given so many now, it’s second nature just to stand in front of pictures of Jams and Pi projects and tell the stories.


Ben and Ryan

Picture of the week


Babbage, the Raspberry pi mascot, successfully reconstructed Felix Baumgartner’s record breaking freefall



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