Issue #124 — Mutant

Friday 30 October 2015

Hi all

This week Element 14 announced that customers can now request customisation of the Raspberry Pi to suit their particular needs. This opens the door to businesses making savings, getting new features, expanding the Pi’s capabilities and more. The service is intended for industrial use and a bulk order will be required.

The MagPi Issue 39 is out now featuring 30 minute Pi projects, GPIO Zero, time-lapse photography, Astro Pi, Sense HAT pixel art and more. Also the MagPi have published an e-book on conquering the command line – which you can download for free or buy to support the Foundation.


Picture of the week

Screenshot from 2015-10-30 15-06-28

Robert Wiltshire’s picture of a pumpkin hack by the Code Club at Perranporth School in Cornwall



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