Issue #108 — Lego

Friday 10 July 2015

Hi all

This week the Foundation’s new CEO Philip Colligan joined the team at Pi Towers, and was lucky enough to arrive in time for the Astro Pi competition judging. The second Picademy@Google course took place in Leeds run by Les Pounder, and next week Picademy returns to Cambridge for another in-house session.

The BBC revealed the micro:bit which will land in the hands of Y7s in schools across the UK in late October. It’s a microcontroller, so you program it from any computer – such as a PC or Raspberry Pi. It comprises a 5×5 LED matrix, two buttons, an accelerometer, magnetometer and Bluetooth.

Tomorrow I’ll be running a second workshop for adult-child pairs with the plantpot greenhouse kit at FACT in Liverpool with Rachel.


Picture of the week


Richard Hayler’s LEGO reconstruction of the Astro Pi flight case



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