Issue #129 — Launch

Friday 4 December 2015

Hi all

Yesterday the Astro Pi hardware was planned to be launched to the International Space Station but was delayed due to bad weather. The second launch window is tonight – so let’s hope for good weather in Florida! You can watch the launch live on NASA TV, scheduled for 22:33 GMT.

The official Raspberry Pi calendar, featuring the amazing artwork of Sam Alder, is now available from the Swag Store.


Picture of the week


Cygnus being moved onto the launch pad – the two Raspberry Pis are in the cone at the top


  • Astro Pi Launch (
    Watch the Astro Pi hardware launch live on NASA TV
  • Latest Raspbian update (
    Updates from Simon Long on recent Raspbian changes
  • Raspberry Pi Calendar (
    The 2016 Raspberry Pi Calendar is in the swag store - including bonus 29 February


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