Issue #116 — Juliet

Friday 4 September 2015

Hi all

Last week the Foundation’s Dave Honess became a Father – his wife Kate gave birth to Juliet on Thursday 27th August. Congratulations to them both!

This week we have a new Raspberry Pi bundle for MATLAB users, a Pi powered GameBoy on KickStarter, a new Sense HAT learning resource from Carrie Anne, and a robotics subscription service, as well as a bunch of great projects and articles.

Until next week


Picture of the week


Dave’s newborn daughter Juliet Jane Honess, born on 27th August


  • MATLAB & Simulink Student Suite - Raspberry Pi Bundle (
    New Raspberry Pi bundle with MATLAB and Simulink software
  • GameKid (
    Handheld Raspberry Pi powered retro gaming console on Kickstarter
  • Magic 8 Ball (
    New Foundation resource: make a Magic 8-Ball with the Sense HAT
  • GoBox (
    A robot kit subscription from Dexter Industries on KickStarter


Articles & more

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