Issue #63 — Ice

Friday 29 August 2014

Hi everyone

This week we saw some great pictures on the Raspberry Pi twitter account when Secretary of State Vince Cable visited the Sony Factory in Pencoed, Wales. We sa the automated testing machines and the packing team hard at work.

Ben spent some time writing up his US tour for the Raspberry Pi blog – and it’s a hefty read! Plenty of pictures, though.

While Ben has been out of the office, the team has been having lots of fun with Matt Timmons-Brown and Andrew Mulholland on work experience helping the education team out with some new physical computing resources.

Tomorrow morning Ben is opening the second day of EuroSciPy (European Scientific Python conference) with his keynote speech on Python Programming in Science Education.

Also Eben had a bucket of ice poured over his head by Matt for his ALS ice bucket challenge video – the viral charity challenge involving ice and a bucket raising awareness and donations for motor neurone disease charities. Accordingly, we’ve donated this week’s sponsorship slot to the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

See you next week

Ben & Ryan

Picture of the week


Eben’s Ice Bucket Challenge



  • Raspberry Pi Radio (
    A touch screen Raspberry Pi radio player
  • Mini Mac Pi (
    An Adafruit tutorial on how to build a 3D Printed Mac Mini
  • MyPiFi LCD Board (
    An little LCD to 26 Pin GPIO breakout board for the Pi
  • PyID (
    Optical Character Recognition for Raspberry Pi
  • Controlling a model train (
    Controlling a model train with JavaScript using the Raspberry Pi

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