Issue #56 — Hamster

Friday 11 July 2014

Hi everyone

Last weekend Ben attended this Cambridge Jam where he spoke about contributing to learning resources on GitHub, and gave a Python Picamera and GPIO workshop.

This week Ryan has also been using his new CNC mill on Babbage…

Meanwhile Carrie Anne revealed a learning resource she’s been working on – based on an idea that came in with the poster competition in January. Hamster Party Cam is a make resource for capturing the movements of a hamster at night.

Our mystery sponsor remains – we’re very intrigued by Flotilla! Coming soon to Kickstarter.

Also we just realised we’ve now hit the 8,000 subscriber mark – welcome, newcomers!

Ben & Ryan

Picture of the week


Ryan CNC milling his Babbage


  • The Camjam Edukit (
    £5 kit of electronics bits for an easy entry to physical computing
  • NOOBS 1.3.9 Release (
    A small NOOBS bugfix and a new Pidora image
  • MicroNFCBoard (
    This NFC board allows to use Python on Pi to connect to other NFC devices
  • Hamster Party Cam (
    New learning resource from Carrie Anne on watching hamsters at night


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