Issue #103 — Garden

Friday 5 June 2015

Hi all

This week I’ve been in Liverpool setting up the Neurotic Machines exhibit at FACT (the Foundation of Art and Creative Technology) in Liverpool with Rachel. It’s now open to the public so if you’re in Liverpool do go and see it! There’s a planet simulator control panel, a vertical garden and a set of capacitive touch musical plant pots. More details coming to the Raspberry Pi blog soon. There are also workshops for personal robotic plant monitoring devices to go alongside the exhibition – sign up for them free at

Also this week, the rest of the Foundation’s Education Team ran Picademy South West in Exeter, and announced the upcoming Picademy #11 in Cambridge in July – applications are now open.


Picture of the week


The planet simulator control panel, part of Raspberry Pi Foundation’s Neurotic Machines exhibit in the Build Your Own exhibition on display at Liverpool’s FACT – created by Rachel Rayns



  • Beer/Wine Fridge of Awesomeness (
    Monitor your beer or wine fridge with Initial State
  • Pi-Booth (
    A Raspberry Pi powered photobooth controlled via your smartphone
  • Animalcam version 2 (
    Capturing animals on camera with Raspberry Pi
  • Raspnode (
    Building a Bitcoin Full Node with Raspberry Pi
  • Build Your Own Amazon Dash (
    Re-order your essentials with a Pi powered Amazon Dash
  • The IT-box (
    Backup anything anywhere automatically and relax

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