Issue #54 — Fox

Friday 27 June 2014


This week the compute module development kits went on sale and we’ve even seen some in action in the hands of the likes of Alex Eames who put out a brilliant video pointing out the bits & pieces of the kit. Ryan is back to work on Pi Weekly now all of the robot kits have been sent out.

NOOBS 1.3.8 is now released with a new Raspbian image accompanied by OpenELEC, Arch Linux, RaspBMC and RISCOS images.

Imperial College first year undergraduates released a Star Fox clone for the Raspberry Pi in pure ARM assembly. Alex Bradbury called for Cambridge University to step up to the challenge.

Next weekend is the CamJam and all the workshops are sold out – Ben will be running one on Picamera and GPIO.

Ben & Ryan

Picture of the week


A wonderful illustration of a Raspberry Pi Model B from the New York Times piece


  • Compute Module Available Now (
    The foundation have announced the release of the compute module
  • NOOBS 1.3.8 (
    Updated NOOBS brings new a Raspbian & other OS images
  • PyConUK Education Track (
    Teachers get cost of cover paid, kids tickets for £5
  • PiFox (
    Star Fox clone written in pure ARM assembly on bare metal for the Pi
  • Energenie (
    Easily control power sockets from Python with Energenie
  • TiddlyBot (
    Kickstarter for a fun and simple Raspberry Pi robot
  • BoozeBot (
    An automated cocktail dispenser on Kickstarter


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