Issue #127 — Eagle

Friday 20 November 2015

Hi all

GPIO Zero 1.0 is out now – give it a try if you haven’t yet – it’s an easy way to get going with physical computing on Raspberry Pi.

The original 30 issues of the MagPi are available for free through the MagPi’s app – and there’s a new hardback book out, produced by the MagPi team – the official Raspberry Pi Projects book.


Picture of the week


Create a beautiful Raspberry Pi computer station for your kids by following this guide



  • Ben Heck's Raspberry S-Pi Cam Part 2 (
    Ben Heck returns to his Spy Pi camera project
  • 7 segment display howto (
    How to drive a 7 segment display directly on Raspberry Pi in Python
  • ARUPi (
    A Low-Cost Automated Recording Unit for Soundscape Ecologists
  • LavaTrap (
    Martin O'Hanlon's Lava Trap Minecraft game from PyConUK
  • RPIKids (
    Create a kids' Raspberry Pi station
  • Internet Connected Lamp (
    Create a LED lamp that plays audio from pandora, controlled from a web browser
  • Organ Control (
    Controlling an air horn with a Raspberry Pi

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