Issue #91 — Dots

Friday 13 March 2015


This week Rachel, Matt, Eben & Liz are in Austin, Texas for South by South West, where they’re demoing a new board Rachel has produced – the DOTS board is a dot-to-dot activity board using conductive paint. Eben and I put some software together to accompany the board and there’s a giveaway for developers with ideas to extend the learning possibilities with the board.

Also Dave and Clive are away at the Big Bang Fair promoting the Astro Pi competition. GCHQ are there too, showing off a 64-strong cluster (or bramble) of Raspberry Pis.

The BBC launched their Make It Digital programme yesterday, introducing the Micro Bit, a microcontroller to be given to all Y7 children in UK schools. The Raspberry Pi Foundation are a partner in the programme and will be writing educational resources and learning activities for use with the device.

Tomorrow is Pi Day (3/14) and there are a whole host of Raspberry Pi events to celebrate both the single board computer and the mathematical constant.


Picture of the week


Rachel’s DOTS board for SXSW – connect the dots with bare conductive electric paint


  • DOTS Board Developer Giveaway (
    Call for developers to create learning activities with conductive paint
  • BBC Make It Digital (
    Announcing the BBC's 2015 technology education initiative
  • The MagPi on the App Store (
    iPhone and iPad owners can now support the MagPi by buying issues and subs
  • Astro Pi Tech Specs (
    Technical details on the upcoming Astro Pi HAT
  • Pi Day (
    A round-up of Pi Day events on Saturday March 14th


  • Star Wars Episode 3.14: A New Hope (
    Star Wars Death Star animation in Minecraft Pi by Martin O'Hanlon
  • GCHQ's Raspberry Pi 'Bramble' (
    GCHQ exploring the future of computing with their 64x Raspberry Pi cluster
  • Satelliten (
    Tracking satellite movement and plotting on paper maps
  • Microscopy (
    Raspberry Pi, the camera module, Python picamera and a microscope

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