Issue #80 — Desktop

Friday 26 December 2014

Hi everyone

Here’s Issue #80 with a┬áround-up for the Christmas week.

There’s a new Raspbian image revealing the hard work of Simon Long revamping the look and feel of the desktop experience.


Picture of the week


A view of the neater menu in the new Raspbian GUI developed by Simon Long



  • Pi Homeguard (
    Helping people stay independent longer
  • Penguin Lifelines (
    Monitoring temperatures and penguins in the antarctic
  • Naughty or Nice (
    Using picamera and OpenCV to detect whether you've been naughty or nice
  • Glowing Twitter Beacon (
    Make a light that flashes each time a certain phrase is tweeted
  • Hamster Fitness Tracker (
    Tutorial to turn your Raspberry Pi into a hamster fitness tracker

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