Issue #72 — Depth

Friday 31 October 2014


This week the Foundation office held Picademy #5, followed by the pilot for the Raspberry Pi Digital Creatives Bronze award – an extra curricular project to engage young people in digital creativity led by Rachel where Amy and Dan Mather have been making halloween themed hacks, and Liz and Eben went to Washington, D.C. for Broadcom MASTERS.

We’ve seen plenty of Halloween Pi hacks this week, and expect more over the weekend.

Congratulations to Andrew Mulholland for winning the Digital Hero award for his community work and contributions to Raspberry Pi’s use in education.


Picture of the week


Perception of depth of field using two camera modules connected to a Raspberry Pi compute module



  • Real Time Depth Perception (
    Using the compute module's dual camera feature to gauge depth perception
  • GameBoy Halloween Costume (
    A Pi powered playable GameBoy costume worn by an adult human
  • Wavemon (
    Monitor your WiFi connection with this visual command line tool
  • Halloween Scarer (
    A model skull with a motion sensor and flashing lights
  • Socrative Zombie (
    Zombie head that senses movement and screams
  • Halloween (
    Halloween projects featured on the Raspberry Pi blog

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