Issue #60 — Caroline

Friday 8 August 2014

Hey everyone

This week’s newsletter comes to you from North Carolina, USA where Ben is currently on tour doing outreach for the Raspberry Pi Foundation. So far he’s given talks in New York, Washington DC and Raleigh and Charlotte in North Carolina. In the next two weeks he’ll visit Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming and Utah.

You can watch one of Ben’s talks online – this one from the Code in the Classroom event set up by Elliott Hauser from Trinket.

Python Picamera has some new features, Mathematica 10 lands in Raspbian, the new MagPi’s out and you can follow instructions to build your own HAL 9000.

Until next week

Ben & Ryan

Picture of the week


Code in the Classroom in Raleigh, North Carolina


  • The MagPi Issue 26 (
    Dynamic art and a magic wand demonstrating the persistence of vision effect
  • Python Picamera 1.7 (
    The Python picamera upgrade introduces text overlays, raw video output and more
  • Gocupi (
    Allow your Raspberry Pi to be an epic polargraph
  • Raspberry Pi Gamer Console (
    Play Super Nintendo, NES, Sega Games from this Pi powered console
  • Ben's USA Tour Dates (
    Ben's on tour in the US - here are the dates and locations
  • Mathematica 10 (
    Mathematica 10 is released for Raspberry Pi


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