Issue #98 — Build

Friday 1 May 2015

Hi everyone

This week the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced they have a new CEO: Philip Colligan – read about Philip on the blog and await further introduction once he gets started this summer. Picademy #8 took place at the start of this week at Pi Towers.

Microsoft launched a developer preview of Windows IoT Core at their Build conference this week, and demonstrated a Pi robot with accompanied virtual reality hologram.

Picademy is going to Devon – teachers in the South West can apply now for a place on the Foundation’s free CPD course in June.


Picture of the week


HoloLens in action – interacting with a Pi 2 robot running on Windows 10 IoT Core


  • Welcome Philip (
    The Raspberry Pi Foundation welcomes its new CEO, Philip Colligan from Nesta
  • Windows 10 for IoT (
    HoloLens VR robot powered by a Pi 2 running Windows 10 IoT
  • Picademy South West (
    Raspberry Pi's CPD for teachers goes to Devon in June
  • MagPi Issue 33 (
    Operating systems, LXPanel, Ian Livingstone, Minecraft Pi and PiBorg


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